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Thirty-five years ago a young man, fresh out of grad school arrived for his first ‘real’ job in the beautiful and then still wild Pacific Northwest town of Seattle, Washington, where he discovered his life time hobby, fly fishing! He soon combined that sport with his love of the outdoors, and his desire for deep friendships built around experiencing great adventures together while convening significant discussions about the BIG issues of life.

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And now, 35 years later, at the magnificent Smiling Moose Ranch on the Madison River in Montana, his hobby on steroids, each summer he sees friends, friends of friends and literally hundreds of great guys from all over the world spend a week there on what can only be called a Wild Adventure – an experience about which many men have said, “this was one of the greatest weeks of their life!”

The Wild Adventure features fly fishing as a means to experience great adventures together with new friends. Come and learn the joy of fly fishing in the wild while experiencing the beauty of the mountains, hearing the calm whisper of the river, and watching majestic sun sets. You will eat three tremendous meals each day prepared by a highly skilled, experienced private Chef!

Each trip features two floats down the Madison river with a professional local guide who helps one fish magnificent locations. Whether you are an avid or novice fly fisherman, you will receive training and successful tips on trout fishing. Much of the necessary gear to fly fish is provided such as fishing rods, nets, lines and flies (go to registration) .

Before the trip, everyone reads the book Wild at Heart by John Eldredge; we use it to launch our daily discussions... and they are a BIG part of this great adventure!

Beyond having a fantastic time landing trout during the day, when you return to the private lodge, comes what men have said is the best part of these trips (by unanimous opinion), which are the deep and significant conversations that take place during the trip and the sharing of our life stories with one another!

Let the Wild Man out – for a Wild Adventure!

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Listen to what these two guys say about the adventure!
Bob Shank
Bob Shank

Five days – with 11 other men – in Montana, staying in a private lodge environment, and fly-fishing your soul into some new breakthroughs is what God had in mind when He made you the man you are.

Hank Reese
Hank Reese

This is the real deal! I'm new to fly-fishing, but with their embedded outfitter(s) and a majestic setting that lets everyone feel like a pro, you'll come home with pictures, plus, better yet, amazing memories that will make your friends wish they went with you. Even more, the time going deep with some real men is impossible to valuate, unless you go. Until that time...consider that this could be the greatest week of your life!

Phil Brown

Great guys (12 max). Great food (Cordon Bleu trained chef in the kitchen). Great location (alongside the Madison River in Montana). Great fly fishing (I went, and learned on the fly). Great conversation (you'll read or re-read Wild at Heart before coming, and be in a round-table engagement around its themes). Great outcomes (a powerful impact)!