Read what the guys are saying. Read exclusive and raw comments written by 2019 Wild Adventurer participants after experiencing The Wild Adventure.

2019 Quotes from Men

2019 Week 11

To truly have deep conversations with other men about the most important things in life.


I came searching for direction and found myself.


Take a chance; learn about yourself.


Find out who you are and what you men to those in your life!


Chance to truly reflect on your life; where you've been and are going.


The Wild Adventure is set in one of God's most beautiful places on earth that sets the backdrop for the opening of your heart through fellowship with men that are struggling through this thing called life.


If you've ever wished you could re-shuffle the deck in life and hit the reset button. The Wild Adventure is the place to do it.


TCBTGWOYL! The fishing is great but it's not the best part!


You may find what makes your life tick!


2019 Week 10

The Wild Adventure was a very inspiring experience. It was the first time I felt comfortable and authentic in a group of men looking to be better men.


Fun, engaging and introspective week with a great group of guys. It offers a terrific balance of recreation, group discussions and personal time.


This is my third time and each time has been better that the past. This also means I read the book "Wild At Heart" three times and each time have gotten something new each time. The time of sharing life stories in a real and open way is so encouraging and impacting on my life I want others to experience it as well.

Scott U

This is a week to have fun, be inspired by an incredible landscape, and engage with ideas that matter.

Sam O

Kick-ass understanding more about who God really is and the power the Holy Spirit has.


A true adventure to live large and experience new things that has the possibility to send your life on a new trajectory..

Bob L

Great week with men finding our true selves and landing big fish!

Ryan B

It was a great week, where men's lives were changed.


Incredible time of transparency and authenticity with guys – something we never get to experience.

Jon F

2019 Week 9

Great opportunity to listen and learn from men that are in completely different phases of life.


Awesome Fishing, Food, and Fellowship!


An unexpected experience a man does not necessarily want, but desperately needs.


Showed up for some world class fishing and while enjoying that, discovered some life changing formulas that altered my life forever.  Amazing friendships and memories.

Jeff M

I thought this trip would be about fly fishing and out door adventure.  It had plenty of that.  But, it opened up an adventure I was not prepared for.  It was the adventure of exploring my soul as a man.  Now that is a great adventure.

Steve M

To come to a place that God has touched with wild beauty and discover that it allows you to learn more about yourself.

Steve V

Great opportunity for men to take stock of their lives make note of their flaws and put a plan together to address it.


For the first time in my life I have met a group of men from diverse backgrounds who went beyond the superficial and dug deep to the important questions everyman has.


2019 Week 8

While I knew I was coming to fly fish in Montana, I also knew there was way more at The Wild Adventure.  I leave a man who has regained my faith at a level that is unmeasurable.  And to say I'm going to be a better man, father and husband may be the greatest understatement of my life.

Ryan W

Even for the 2nd time around, this week has been an amazing time of reflection, brotherhood, fun time and connection with God.  I enjoyed an amazing experience three years ago and I just had another week with deeper and yet different experience and take always.

Elyas B

The Wild Adventure creates and fosters an environment for men to pivot to who they are meant to be.

Josh B

We shared our hearts with each other through Christ's help and mercy.

Steve Z

This week has truly been one of the greatest of my life.  The fishing and food are just a small part of the fantastic time seeing life changing moments watching God work.

Todd S

The experience of opening up the challenges in my life, took and enormous pressure off my back.  I feel lifted as a man, husband, further, and warrior.

Joe C

You will have the opportunity to shape an extraordinary experience with a group of men in one of the most beautiful settings in the world.  A place where your voice can be heard.

Harvey R

The Wild Adventure is an experience like none I've ever participated in before.  The scenery and fishing were amazing, but paled in comparison to the bond that was developed with a band of brothers that are warriors for Christ.  We have all been wounded, but at the Smiling Moose Ranch we came to heal and grow closer to God!

Thomas T

2019 Week 7

I’m reminded of how abundant and blessed my life has been.


Are you missing something and want to begin a conversation?  This is an excellent place to begin.


It’s more than great food, fishing, and majestic scenery – it’s the opportunity to examine where you are, where you need to be, with men who are just like you.


You are not alone in your masculine struggle – hear from really good, Christian men about their struggles.


This is your best chance to get away from the noise and get closer to God.


An opportunity to calm your soul, share brotherhood, and listen to God.


Every man need to get away to rekindle his soul so he has the strength to face the battles he has been called to fight – this week is that opportunity.


Stop, think and listen.  God wants to talk to you.


It is an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of who you are and how you fit in life.


It will change your life forever.


2019 Week 6

The Wild Adventure is a chance to unplug from the world and plug back into the true source of strength in our lives.


Unplug and connect in a meaningful way with God and guys in a beautiful, wild place.


Great conversation to fill you mind. Beauty and adventure to fill your heart.


A place for men to be vulnerable and share from their heart with other men in a safe place. A place to realize that many of your experiences are not alone but shared.


TWA thoughtfully combines faith, friends and fishing into an incredibly meaningful week.  In your pursuit of the big trophy, you’ll find to win back way more.


It is the week you never knew that you needed. Just do it.


In this busy world we live in, men need time to unplug, experience peace in beautiful mountain setting, hear from other men about life and learn from others.  Men need to be better husbands, fathers, sons, leaders and the other roles we mush play in life.


The Wild Adventure is a place where attention gets focused on the big questions we too infrequently ask.


Heal and strengthen your heart at The Wild Adventure.  Engage in The Wild Adventure.


A place to find God (and yourself) in His wilderness.


2019 Week 5

I appreciated the opportunity to do something I’ve never done – fly fish, to enjoy the company of a great and interesting group of guys, and to look deeply into my own heart so that I can understand how to better love the next chapter of my life.


Discovering my wound and looking to God to heal it made the week worthwhile!  Trust God more!

Jim S

This week was an adventure in a beautiful part of our country with interesting people, great fishing, food and rest!  Truly one of the great weeks of my life!

Jeff W

The opportunities in my life to spend a week with friends have become less frequent over time.  This has been a rare chance to reflect on the past and rebuild faith in Jesus.

Kevin C

A worthwhile week invested in connecting with amazing people.  We fished, we learned from each other and we grew together.


I really enjoyed connecting with the men who came.  I have deeper understanding of each of their hearts.  I feel the Lord’s presence here.

Marty S

I feel guilty for being here.  The fact that I am is substantial.  I am a serious man and have learned serious things to take forward.  And caught a fish!

Nick L

Even though I am 60, I am still moving at full speed, even thought my body is slowing down this week gave me an opportunity to pause and reflect on what is really important.

Jeff M

This was a great week for me to turn off all of the noise in my life, have some adventure in the wild, fly fishing, meeting some other great men and being open to new things.


It was a rare time in my life to pause and be more still and learn what my life’s struggles are not unique and that God can and wants to make me whole.

George K

2019 Week 4

Never really believed that this type of experience existed... raw and real.


Vulnerability is not easy.  However, it is an absolute necessity for healthy success and, when don, you come out a stronger person on the other side.  A stronger back – a softer front – and a wild heart that integrates the two.  I have made some significant decisions, relationally, by being in touch with God at a deeper level.

Mick U

This has been one of the most epic weeks of my life.  I’ve been awakened a fresh to what really matters in life.

Larry A

This last five days was an incredible opportunity for me to figure out what needs fixing in my life, how it got there and what I am going to do about it.

Rod E

Fishing, great food, wine, cigars & great conversations about the things that really matter in life.  This trip is a must do!

Ken C

Five days off the grid, so that I could do a high-value assessment to make sure that I am on the bubble, surrounded with a dozen guys who are serious about the right stuff (and sharing some great laughs and adventures) is a gift that keeps on giving.  I’ve never found this dynamic anywhere else!

Bob S

Wild Adventure is a place to go deep into your life story, engaging your soul and feeling your heart.  This is done by engaging with other men’s stories and connecting with their soul.  Nothing is more powerful than men being authentic together, talking truth into our lives, and encouraging each other to engage in the battle for our lives.

Carl L

This week has been a great opportunity to meet with and learn from other men.  Hearing from and being heard by other men has been life changing for me and a time of healing.

Myron B

What an impactful experience!  To spend time in God’s creation and beauty is one thing.  To do it by getting real, realizing you are not alone, takes it to a whole new level.  The fly fishing was just what I needed each day to bring is full circle.

Brad H

A new depth experience personally, socially, faithfully, and certainly from a fly fishing perspective.  Life lessons, cleaning, sharing and fun guaranteed to open your heart and change your life.

Jim E

A guy can feel safe, be vulnerable and access buried feelings.  He can expect acceptance and love from other guys, each with their won struggles.

Jerry F

2019 Week 4YG

To explore a deeper meaning in life. To bring value to your life, and everyone around you.


"If you are comfortable (at home) you are not growing." For growing men looking to succeed in their story.


Personal growth.


This adventure has been a powerful & life changing - both for myself & my spirit and those I will encounter in life.


Experience the weight of honesty and the relief of the truth.


Why come on this trip? The ultimate in relaxation and preparation for continuing life (your story).


To find peace in quietness. Get back to your real-self through God’s greatness.


Learning you're not in this life alone. Guys have gone through it "big", too.


Hearing a man's story is the most powerful experience in my life.


2019 Week 3YG

Find your heart as a man. Find out who God created you to be.

Adam S.

A perfect amount of time to regroup, refine and redefine (who you are and where you are going).

Kai L.

Spending several days in the beauty that is Antelope Basin with men who will become your brothers, and the chance to break away from the noise of life to listen to God is a truly incredible, life changing experience not to be missed.

Joe S.

Change is inevitable; why not choose your destiny. Food, fishing, guns.

Vince H.

Find yourself and God in the wilderness.

Joe M.

If you like fishing, friendship, fellowship, maybe the occasional cold beer or good cigar... then the Young Guns trip is for you.

Watson T.

You'll be surprised!

Justin P.

An adventure and a restart.

Phil O.

Love, laughter, and adventure! Step outside of what's comfortable and laugh.

Kofi H.

2019 Week 3

Beyond my wildest dreams!

Kenneth M.

This week has opened my understanding of things that have happened and how they have shaped by path so far.

Doug M.

This was a phenomenal experience to meet eleven strangers and over the course of five days to grow so close that I felt that I knew them since childhood.

Henry S.

Imagine being able to live in a different body for a few days. As if you see the world through their eyes and thoughts. Then at the end of those few days you climb back into your own body armed with the wisdom and experience of eleven other men.

Danny B.

The supportive staff and compassionate and loving men in attendance enabled me to expose my deepest hurts – openly surrendering them to God.

Craig G.

It meant so much more than fishing in a beautiful place. You'll get: new experiences, challenges, friends, people to pray for, new recipes.

Matt K.

A great time of fellowship with my brother and building our relationship going forward.

Jim B.

This week allowed me to reflect on my life, look for areas of my life where I am lacking, and be uplifted by the guys I just met.

Jack P.

Great rivers & lakes, Great fishing, Great relationships, Great lodge & camping
However, the greatest value is the stirring material & conversations that stir lives that have become complacent.

Bill J.

2019 Week 2

The Wild Adventure brought me 6000 feet closer to God!


If you want to learn to fish - GO! The rest is more important but the fishing is enough.

Joe G.

An awesome time and place to be genuine with other men and develop authentic relationships. Much needed time and space to feed the spirit and walk closer to God.

Howard H.

An environment where men from different walks of life come together with a common belief; great things happen that are life changing.

Richard U.

My expectations were high and I wasn't disappointed. It was the ultimate men's getaway. What I leaned about fly fishing and myself will be with me for the rest of my life!

Dave G.

Spiritual healing and growth while trout fishing in one of the most pristine areas of the world. Meals prepared by master Chef Logan fuel you on your journey into the soul and the vast Montana wilderness. Reaffirmation of the importance of the male bond creating a fellowship to last a lifetime led by prior participants George and Andy.

Bryce D.

I made 11 new friends and learned how to listen for God's voice. How can you beat that?

Steve R.

What a special way to recharge the batteries. God meets you here in the majesty of his creation using like minded men.

Gregg K.

An amazing week with extraordinary men learning from each other on what real masculinity is.

Richard G.
2019 Week 1

The time spent here at TWA is one of the far too rare moments in life where one can experience God in all His majesty with brothers fighting to walk with Him!


The Wild Adventure helped me get my heart back and it has been a HUGE gift to be able to introduce my friends to such a magical and amazing place. Thanks!


This week is hands down one of the best things you can do for your heart, your marriage, your family and your career.


I have been on a lot of men's retreat and this not other retreat where I get to communicate and experience God so easily!


The Wild Adventure is in the perfect place – the setting is perfect and the landscape is spectacular. It is the perfect environment for me to look inside, share their lives with each other and affirm how much Jesus is wildly crazy about all of us.


A time: to unplug & plug in; to know & be known; to experience God in nature & other men.


An unprecedented mix of abundant fish, undisturbed nature, fine dining and open air urinating. I can't wait to come back!


An absolute necessity for a man's life. You will find your heart. You will find your purpose. You will get back the adventure in life you've always craved, but may have lost. God will talk to you.