Read what the guys are saying. Read exclusive and raw comments written by 2015 Wild Adventurer participants after experiencing The Wild Adventure.

2014 - What Guys are Saying

WEEK 10, 2014

This is the place to come if you want to let your guard down, share and feast on stories, and learn to fly fish with great men. This is first class.

Eric Figge

A surprising opportunity to reach into your heart, and those with you, to rediscover yourself in a deeply personal and soulful way.

Mario Martinoli

I have never experienced such meaningful conversations over gourmet food in such a beautiful setting while enjoying adventure with friends and learning new things.

Todd Rodarmel

Twelve men get together – complete strangers. Each shares their story and I realize that every person has a story. Stories shared in casual setting around the camp fire – good ol’ boys. I discover that I can take joy that I am not alone.


This was my 3rd trip and it keeps getting better. I am going home this time with 2 more men who are now able to be in my foxhole and who can stand beside me as we engage The Battle.

Paul Cunningham

There are great adventures to be had in an amazing place. With good people and plenty of laughter, delicious food, and inviting accommodations. We had a life changing to never be forgotten.

Charlie P

This is a great opportunity to learn how to fly fish, but more importantly the discussions and stories were hugely impactful for me.

Ken Tada

This is an opportunity to experience great adventure, fun and comradery in a truly beautiful and unique location. It allows you to unplug from all of your pressing issues and focus on the important things in life. The most important being you heart.

Jim Swanberg

What an amazing opportunity for me to be here at such and unbelievable place of beauty, rest, fun and adventure. If you need a boost to recover your heart as a man, this week will deliver!


The trip was one I’ll never forget. You will quickly understand you are not alone in your walk of life and your life will be renewed.