What is the Wild Adventure Young Guns trip?

What is it? It's a gathering of great guys, ages 21-30 something, and some conversations about the big issues of life.

We will explore the biggest questions... and take a critical look at how our world view informs our decision-making in every aspect of life. Taking a page out of our many years of convening these trips the guys will read through a study, and discuss the important points of living life: the present danger in this world, the battle against evil, the wound, the poser, the BIG questions in life, etc.

As always on these trips, we will share our life stories so the group can get to know each other as one only can: by hearing another man's story.

By the way, this trip isn't your "average church camp". Come and see for yourself! This is as real as it gets.

This trip cost is partially subsidized by TWA which includes: 5 days, 5 nights men's adventure at one of Montana's most spectacular and remote ranches with 640 acres to explore. Experienced fly fishing guides will teach you all you need to know. All equipment is included. A professional chef will take care of every great meal. Incorporated will be other outdoor activities. You will be staying in a renovated frontier cabin adjacent to the vast Bureau of Land Management Wilderness Area. These renovated frontier cabins have comfortable beds and heaters in a private setting with magnificent views of the Antelope Basin. A bathhouse that includes unlimited hot water, showers and towels.  Spend five days in the midst of Montana's wilderness & wildlife!



What guys say about TWA Young Guns?


Find your heart as a man. Find out who God created you to be.


Find yourself and God in the wilderness.


Spending several days in the beauty that is Antelope Basin with men who will become your brothers, and the chance to break away from the noise of life to listen to God is a truly incredible, life changing experience not to be missed.


You'll be surprised!


Love, laughter, and adventure! Step outside of what's comfortable and laugh.


An adventure and a restart.


Change is inevitable; why not choose your destiny. Food, fishing, ...


If you like fishing, friendship, fellowship, maybe the occasional cold beer or good cigar... then the Young Guns trip is for you.

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