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Hugh Hewitt, a lawyer, law professor and broadcast journalist whose nationally syndicated radio show is heard in more than 120 cities across the United States every weekday afternoon (see has recommended The Wild Adventure on his broadcasted shows in recent years. The Wild Adventure is deeply appreciative, and so are the fly fishermen that come to the magnificent Smiling Moose Ranch in Montana. This summer we asked participants who let the Wild Man out for a Wild Adventure if they would write to Hugh Hewitt and communicate their thoughts. Below are some of their responses:

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Listen to what these two guys say about the adventure!
Bob Shank
Bob Shank

Five days – with 11 other men – in Montana, staying in a private lodge environment, and fly-fishing your soul into some new breakthroughs is what God had in mind when He made you the man you are.

Bob Shank
Bob Shank

It's for real. I'm not a fly-fisherman, but with their embedded outfitter(s) and a setting that lets everyone feel like a pro, you'll come home with pictures and memories that will fool your friends. Even more, the time going deep with some real men will be impossible to recount; you have to be there to believe it.

Phil Brown

Great guys (12 max). Great food (Cordon Bleu trained chef in the kitchen). Great location (alongside the Madison River in Montana). Great fly fishing (I went, and learned on the fly). Great conversation (you'll read or re-read Wild at Heart before coming, and be in a round-table engagement around its themes). Great outcomes (a powerful impact)!