Some Questions You May Have

  • How much does a trip cost and what is included?
  • What airport should I fly into?
  • I'm flying… How should I schedule my arrival and departure times?
  • How do I get to the Smiling Moose Lodge from the Bozeman/Belgrade Airport?
  • How do I get to the Smiling Moose Lodge from Idaho/W. Yellowstone Park?
  • This is my first time fly fishing; what should I bring?
  • What should I include on my packing list?
  • I have all my own fly fishing gear, what should I bring?
  • Where can I get my waders, boots and fishing licenses?
  • What if I have specific dietary needs i.e. gluten free etc.?
  • Can I bring my son?
  • I am not receiving emails to my gmail account. What can I do?
The individual cost to go on a Wild Adventure trip is displayed on the registration page at: and the fee includes: guiding fees (which includes two guided float trips), guiding tips, fishing rods, lines & flies. Price does NOT include: Airfare, Montana fishing license fee or use of rental equipment (Waders & Boots).

Mail your check payable to:
The Wild Adventure
Guest reservations
904 Silver Spur Rd, #455, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90740

For e-check or credit card payments, pay using the registration page:

No refunds.
NOTE: Anything can happen and so we recommend purchasing trip insurance. It can be purchased through a company like Travel Guard, AAA or even some home owner policies.
We recommend flying into the Bozeman/Yellowstone Airport (BZN). The Smiling Moose Lodge is around a 1.5 hr car ride southwest of Bozeman, MT. Be curbside at Bozeman Airport by 1pm and the ranch shuttle will transport you and other guests to the ranch.

Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport
850 Gallatin Field Rd, Suite 6 Belgrade, MT 59714
Phone: (406) 388-8321

Set up your arrival time into Bozeman, MT so you can be curbside by 1:00 pm on the first day of your trip (Thursday). We also ask that you set your departure time on the last day of your trip (Tuesday) *after 12:00 pm* as well. We have a complimentary shuttle to take your group to and from the ranch (about 1.5 hour drive).

On occasion guests may need to arrive the night before. An additional benefit is that coming in Wednesday night also helps one get accustomed to the high elevation. If you cannot be curbside by 1pm with your bags on Thursday, then there are a number of hotels that offer complimentary shuttles to and from the airport. Please keep in mind that the gates to the Smiling Moose Lodge will not be opened until 3:30 pm on the 1st day of your trip (Thursday).

Arrive and be curbside with your bags by 1pm MST and our shuttle will pick you and other guests to and from the Bozeman Airport.

Directions from Bozeman Airport

If driving yourself from West Yellowstone or Idaho
1. Get on Hwy 287 headed north.
2. The Grizzly Bar & Grill will be on your left.
3. Continue 7.5 miles past the Grizzly Bar & Grill.
4. The turn for South Palisades Road is between mile marker 21 & 22 on the west side of Hwy 287, at the bottom of a hill. Take a left on the gravel road toward the river onto what is called South Palisades Road. Immediately after that left turn, you will see a driveway entrance sign for The River House. If you do not see that sign, then you turned in on the wrong gravel road.
5. Proceed past the River House on South Palisades Road 0.02 miles taking the first left to the bridge to Smiling Moose Lodge. Cross the river slowly and with caution on the old wood bridge.
6. On the dirt road, at the fork, keep to the left and follow the dirt road up the canyon 1.2 miles. Keep to the left at the fork in the road and go through our open ranch entry gate. Continue up the hill one additional mile to the Smiling Moose Lodge.
7. If you have questions, call 406-682-4998.
Fisherman's Checklist.
These are the items that are nice to have for your fishing trip. Guides usually bring spare fishing gear (i.e. spare rods and flies)
  • • Polarized Sunglasses to help with glare and to see the fish through the water. Bring sunglasses too to protect your eyes.
  • • Some category of fleece: a vest, over shirt, jacket. The weather changes often in Montana and if it gets cold fleece helps.
  • • A rain jacket that is waterproof and helps if breathable.
  • • A long sleeved fishing shirt or over shirt to protect from the sun.
  • • A hat to protect from the glare and sun. Can be a ball cap or any type with a front bill or rim.
  • • Sunscreen

For those of you who have never done this before most everything on the list can be substituted for by something you probably already own and modified for your specific needs. Rod and reels are available if you do not have one. Waders you can rent for $75. We will help you register for a 2 X 2 day fishing license as well.

Personal Clothing & Toiletry Items

  • Polartec tops or sweat shirts for warmth.
  • 1 – pair of sweat pants for lounging
  • 2 – pair of blue jeans
  • 2 – button up or long sleeve shirts
  • 1 – warm coat to put on top (sometimes the evenings can get cold)
  • ? – underwear (again wicking capabilities preferable)
  • ? – t-shirts, pair of shorts
  • 1 – pair of shoes or sandals to use while lounging
  • 1 – toothbrush
  • 1 – toothpaste

Other Essential Items

  • Any personal medication

The following list is exhaustive and covers everything you would need for your fly fishing trip. This list is for the guy who has everything. For those of you who have never done this before most everything on the list can be substituted with something you probably already own and modified for your specific needs. Please keep in mind the Smiling Moose Lodge can provide extra fly rods & reels. All waders, boots and belts can be rented, if you wish.

Fishing Equipment

  • Rods provided by guides but you can bring your own, if you wish - 9ft: 6 weight or 9ft: 5 weight
  • 1 – fishing vest
  • 1 – Gortex chest waders with stocking feet
  • 1 – wading belt
  • 1 – felt or rubberized sole wading boots
  • 3 – pair of long underwear for use with waders (with wicking capabilities preferable)
  • 3 – tops (I use long sleeve wicking tops)
  • 3 – t-shirts
  • 4 – pair of socks (with wicking capabilities preferable). I usually bring 8 pair. 4 of medium weight and 4 liners or very light weight (all with wicking capabilities)
  • Terminal tackle – bring your favorite standard flies and leader material in an assortment of weights, although our guides should have both flies and leader material available.
  • 1 – rain proof jacket with hood (Gortex type is preferable)
  • 2 – hats with keepers (just in case you lose one)
  • 2 – polarized sun glasses with cords attached (in case you lose one)
  • 2 – nippers/forceps (in case you lose one) Strike Indicators Sunscreen
You will be able to rent your waders, boots and belt from our fly shop. Your 2 x 2 day Montana Fish & Wildlife license can be purchased locally for about $50.

Both your equipment and your license will be ready for you on your first day of fishing (Friday). As part of your week we will alert Beartooth to your exact license and gear needs.
Please inform our staff on your reservation form about any dietary needs you may have and our chef will do his best to prepare your meals in accordance with these requirements.
Unfortunately we don’t allow father and sons on the same trip. A big part of the discussion and self review that goes on each week has to do with wounds... and according to the book that we ALL read/will read before the trip, John Eldredge, the author, states that the ‘father wound’ could be a major issue for almost every boy... and you can probably see the logical extension of what could take place on the same trip that included that issue as a major discussion topic!
Google will sometimes not deliver legitimate emails. Here is a link in how to assure delivery (per Google):

Here are the steps to create rule for a Gmail filter to assure delivery of emails from

Open Gmail in a web browser from a Mac or PC.
At the top right, click Settings (the gear icon). Under the Quick Setting menu that appears, click "See all settings".
Click "Filters and Blocked Addresses". Then click the blue text “Create a new filter” (located center and close to footer on page).
Enter the email address domain name, on the 'From' email line. Once entered, next to the blue button, click the gray text ‘Create filter”.
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Repeat as needed for any additional email addresses.