Read what the guys are saying. Read exclusive and raw comments written by 2017 Wild Adventurer participants after experiencing The Wild Adventure.

2017 Quotes from Men

WEEK 9, 2017

Great time of fun and fellowship. We all have issues. The Wild Adventures allows us to get real and know we are not alone and points us back in the right direction.


The Wild Adventure helped make my heart come alive and the fishing and food were great. Come for the fishing; leave with your heart fully alive.

John C.

The Wild Adventure is an absolute must for any male who is committed to becoming a man. Find the man you are destined to become before it is too late.

Daren C

A light shining into the dark places we find comfort in hiding. This week, though uncomfortable, brought the realization that men's stories are very similar and to make it, we don't need 'accountability partners', but brothers in arms.


I spent a week with great men hearing real stories of pain, sacrifice and adventure. It has changed my life.


Five days that helped me understand why I make bad choices with my wife and how to make better ones.

Kelly R.

If you want to address the truth about yourself and your life's choices, if you want to bond with other men on a deeper level or if you want to gain clarity and purpose, then attend this event. The fishing is just a bonus.

Rod L.

Time of fun with guys like me that together addresses the deep reasons for struggle and helped me see a better future.


The Wild Adventure week challenges the poser found in most of us by unveiling the wound/wounds people have inflicted upon us. You will discover why certain destructive behaviors of yours cause issues within your marriage, children and other relationships. The Wild Adventure begins the journey to a whole and courageous heart.

Mark F
WEEK 8, 2017

The Wild Adventure is an opportunity for men to come together and share the stories of their life with other men, and as a result, learn how to see new hope, new promise and new direction in each of their lives.


An amazing opportunity to get to know a fantastic group of guys and understand how we can live life better and love our wives more.


I need a source of wisdom and power that is inside me in order to be the man I want to be. Attending The Wild Adventure has helped me to discover more deeply that source.

Bob L

This week to me has helped me answer some deep questions about my life -- can and will be lived out in the years I have left. I will love my wife more; leave my children a better legacy.


This eye-opening week was enriching to both mind, body and soul.

T.A. Hope

If you want to wrestle with real questions with real men, spend a week at Smiling Moose Lodge.


Why Wild Adventure? Time away from the static and daily distractions to think. Learn something about yourself that will make you happier, be a better husband, a better father. This is not kumbaya. Oh, and fishing with great guys who you will get to know.


Having fun with other men of much different life experiences. Talking about how we deal with life challenges for men in today's world. Enjoying the beautiful Montana wilderness.


This is a time to reflect on who you are and what is this life all about. It's a time to be open and share honestly with others. A time to be real.

Scott U

I learned to just shut up and listen more to what God is saying to me. Quit telling people how strong and perfect I am. Don't be afraid to show my weaknesses.

John B.

A wonderful experience of men coming together to share life, to learn from each other, to discuss life challenges and to connect “arm in arm” to go to battle and live life to its fullest.

WEEK 7, 2017

If you are looking for a place where iron sharpens iron with some great fellowship, food, fishing and awe inspiring scenery thrown in, this is your place.

Jack Brothers

An amazing week of fellowship, drinking, fishing, smoking, and eating... a true Wild Adventure and exploration of your heart.


Awesome! Glad that I came!


If you want to understand why you’re a mess inside AND that you’re completely normal - spend some time here!


This course is essential for men seeking to improve themselves and their marriage. Your family will thank you for attending.

Mike Smith

TCBTGU(unique)WOYL! Great "seminar" to tackle the challenges of life, love and enjoyment!

Herb Tate

The experience was absolutely incredible! It is a time in my life I will never forget. Thank you!

Jeff S.

My experience with The Wild Adventures far exceeded my expectations. I would encourage anyone considering a trip to fly fish in the west to strongly consider The Wild Adventure and The Smiling Moose Lodge.


The week is food for the soul. Come prepared for your soul to be encouraged and refreshed. The fishing, the mountains, and food was simply spectacular!

Jeff Clinton
WEEK 6, 2017

It is a great place to let Jesus find your heart… and a great one to learn how to fly fish too!


If you like fly fishing or want to learn how and spend a week in Montana paradise country with great guys discussing life challenges and opportunities this Wild Adventure is what you are looking for; don’t miss it!

Bob S

A time to recapture your heart, spirit, manhood, and passion for life again. Fantastic fly fishing in pristine Montana.

Emrah O

An affordable outdoor experience on private land, in one of the most beautiful places on earth to find your heart.

Tony L

In a scenic and tranquil Montana valley, make nine new friends while fishing with professional guides. The food is the heartiest gourmet “man” food you’ll find west of the Mississippi; but the time to get away with other men is even more satisfying.

Bates R

We all have wounds. If you are having trouble healing yours, and you believe in Christ, this is the place for you.

Kaan O

Learn and grow in a beautiful setting, where other good men feel safe to share their hearts with you and you can feel safe doing the same. The fishing was amazing too!

Bill C

This is an amazing experience that can change your life. It is a great place to share your story with a great group of guys.

Mike S

Meet real authentic men and learn how to face challenges in your life. Do all of this in a backdrop of beauty, fun, and great food.

Eric P

The Wild Adventure is the best opportunity for a man to get away from the everyday stresses of life and fly fish in Montana on the Madison River while connecting with other men and becoming closer to God while enjoying His magnificent creation.

Don E
WEEK 5, 2017

...a week in a magnificent, peaceful setting - meeting and making new friends.

Ken Price

Reconnect with your own heart, your soul, and clear your mind of the everyday noise. Find out again what’s really important in your life. Do it in the beauty of Montana.

Ed Enos, Honolulu, HI

A wonderful week of fellowship with a group of men, trying to find yourself and your purpose and how to get there.

James Willis

A thoughtful discussion on the value of masculinity.

Mitch Morey /cite>

This was a very spiritual and uplifting week. You get to know yourself better than you ever did.

Michael Thornton
WEEK 4, 2017

This week gives us a time and a space to consider profound questions while experiencing the beauty of Montana and the joy of fly-fishing!

Andrew, Nashville, TN

Please come! I believe and hope you will have an absolute blast! The fishing and food are wonderful. The views might jus take your breath away. It is such a spectacular place and way to take a break from the craziness of life. It’s also a great place and way to, whether it’s the first or hundredth time, to take a look at life. It helped me understand true friendship and brotherhood.

Ash (first time wingman)

What a fantastic week to connect with other men, our innate creativity, the beauty of the west, and our hearts.

Dr. Barrett W. R. Peters - Charlottesville, VA

My week was about understanding what’s holding me back in life (home, work, etc.) and how to get past it.

Rob L

There is a mysterious and powerful thing that happens when a man spends time outside in God’s creation, with other men, and asks the right questions about God, themselves and the purpose of both.

McKittrick - Atlanta, GA

It completely altered how I viewed the story of my own life.

Caleb C

The Wild Adventure provides a tremendous opportunity to step out of the noise and process the deeper questions and conversations of life.

Rob F

Get out of your comfort zone to discuss the deeper questions in life with a great group of men.

Dan M
WEEK 3 Young Guns, 2017

If you are looking for a place where men can have authentic relationship centered around Jesus, plus nothing, The Wild Adventure is an awesome week. It will help you focus on what really matters to your place in the battlefield of life.


If you are ready for an adventure that will challenge you to your core, build friendships that will change your life, and ultimately answer the deepest questions you have to come to a Young Guns Week. Otherwise, just go to your church’s men’s retreat.


If you want to step away from the world and step into the life you have been called to live, you need to start at The Wild Adventure.


Very few times do you get the opportunity to escape from the grind and completely be yourself around other men your age. Not a church retreat.


This trip is an opportunity to connect with men who will listen to you and share your self and struggles in a judgment free zone in addition to self-reflect and engage with Jesus apart from the busyness of every day life.


TCBTGWOYL - Cheesy & cliché, but true. You will never know what is in store for you until you give it a chance.


Take the opportunity to dive deeply into your heart and walk away feeling refreshed, encouraged, challenged and ready to live as the man God designed you to be.


This has changed my life in a dramatic & wonderful way.


Find yourself. It's worth every penny.

WEEK 3, 2017

Montana is a place you can find just about everything, including your heart.

Ron Latham, Anaheim, CA

Of course, the majestic mountains, rivers, and plains are jaw-dropping here in Montana, but even more inspiring were the food and men with God-loving hearts which were a much needed refreshment for the soul.

Will McColl, San Diego, CA

Thank you so much! This was amazing and totally unexpected for me. Refreshing, spiritually uplifting, and just plain fun. I think I enjoyed getting to know the other guys as much as any other aspect of the trip.

Martin Stam, Durham, NC

The Wild Adventure was an excellent time and space to rest, retreat, and regroup as a pastor. If you're tired, or just don't want to stay tired, go! I think you'll be glad you did!

Adam Darnell, Durham, NC

A great outdoor retreat of bonding with other men and sharing.

Dan Caplin, Green Lane, PA

A busy life and many responsibilities doesn't present many (any?) opportunities to recharge and reconnect spiritually. The Wild Adventure provided that space along with the change to connect in a real genuine way with other men to relate to and learn from other facing similar questions and challenges. Reconnect with your heart in the beautiful wilds of Montana.

Leo Perry

If you are a husband and father you probably haven’t taken a big block of time to think about your heart, your wife and your faith for many years. You should. Smiling Moose can make that happen for you, and, it's a lot of fun in a spectacular place!

Roger Brooks, Durham, NC

A great opportunity to unplug from the daily grind.

Tom Bojanski, Durham, NC

Typically, most social interactions and conversations are shallow and superficial. Five days with nine other men where deep questions are posed, transparency is encouraged, and support is experienced make for one of life's richest opportunities.

David Spence, Durham, NC
WEEK 2, 2017

Indescribable and unimaginable. The Wild Adventure exceeded every expectation. I am and will be a better husband, friend, leader and teammate as a result of my time at The Smiling Moose. Truly, truly, truly a priceless experience. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

J. Brandt

The story that was told by others make me feel that I am not alone in this journey. Great place, great scenery, great fishing, great food and mostly it feels like the Father’s home.


A time to get away from the pressures of work and unpack and analyze oneself in a healthy, encouraging, supportive environment.


I came to The Wild Adventure with several close friends; some I have known for over ten years. I learned more about each of them in deeper ways.


An opportunity to venture into the wilderness of a man's heart.


Life is often way too busy to allow time for us to step back from it and see the big picture. This retreat has blessed me with enough peace to connect with father and my role in it as a son, husband and father from my self reflection and the great do’s and don’ts from the other great men here.


This week was the ideal "cleansing" of my spiritual, emotional, and physical being. I was given the freedom to express my wounds, hurts, and blessings.


The week has been a purposeful mixture of fun, competition, and deep conversations with men about the challenges of life without a "fix" mentality.


The guys I met on my TWA trip were some of the most honest, God-honoring and down to earth guys I have ever come across. It was amazing to me how quickly we clicked and became friends with one another. The fishing wasn't half bad either.

WEEK 1, 2017

Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

Darren - Atlanta, GA

TWA is an opportunity to share the areas of your life that you are excelling in and explore the areas of your life where you want to excel.

Dirk - Sioux City, IA

For many men in America (for any first world country) this may be the most content-rich, authentic, emotionally safe fly fishing trip you could ever say, “yes” to.

Sanford - Dana Point, CA

Excellent opportunity to get away, off the grid, fly fish and find yourself. Provides a deeper understanding of oneself and your faith.

Rich - Burbank, CA

An unscripted adventure with God.

Mackey - Corona del Mar, CA

If you want an amazing experience with adventures, fantastic fly fishing, together with a group of men from all over the country, TWA is all of that and more!

Wendall - Charlottesville, VA

Enlightening fellowship among men to fish, think and ponder life ant its challenges.

Patrick - Riverside, CT

Greatest opportunity to meet with likeminded men to discuss Christian subject related to becoming better fathers, husbands and friends.

John - Seattle, WA