Read what the guys are saying. Read exclusive and raw comments written by 2018 Wild Adventurer participants after experiencing The Wild Adventure.

2018 Quotes from Men

2018 Week 7

Five days in Montana! Food! Fishing! Finding your heart!


A chance to allow God to find you, even if you don’t want Him to.


It’s a trip that offers the kind of space our hearts and minds long for but don’t know where to find it.


Meet yourself in the company of men being men.


Fishing for the hearts of men. There is a story to be told.


Pause your head so you can hear your heart so you can be renewed.


Wake up in Montana! Come alive in Montana! Win back your heart in Montana!


To find your heart & discover what you were truly made for.


Hunt for the fish, find yourself in the process.


2018 Week 6

The Wild Adventure is not simply an opportunity to get closer to God, it is a chance to put your life into proper prospective: our Lord, our wife, our family, and then our job.

Ken M.

The Wild Adventure allowed me to connect with God outside of the stresses and distractions of work and routine. Being able to connect on a personal and transparent and honest way with other men enabled a new perspective and renewed spirit.

Al B.

Beautiful surroundings, great food, and a peaceful environment set the tone for deep, meaningful, and life-changing fellowship with men and the Savior who brought us together.

Lee B.

Awesome five days with great guys centered on our relationship with Christ. Wonderful honest life stories.

Bill M.

You can unplug from the grind of everyday events and stress, connect with Christ in a way that helps identify my wounds and find a path to enlightened progress, with the support of an outstanding group of men.

Brant W.

An honest, sincere effort to help men gain emotional strength through sharing personal experiences.

Andre B.

I came to The Wild Adventure with an open mind knowing nobody and not knowing what to expect. My experience brought me laughter, tears, camaraderie, and a deeper understanding of myself and my relationship with God.

Joe P.

An absolute disconnect from the business of life and an opportunity to connect with the Lord and some wonderful men in honest engagement.

Peter M.

Hearing men’s stories and accepting them for who they are and being able to pray for them.


2018 Week 5

What a great environment, both in the geographic and companionship to work on my journey, and have fun!

Ben B.

I found my heart was good. That Jesus cares for my heart. That there is a battle for my heart.

Randall G.

Great week exploring every man’s journey to find truth and purpose.

Jonathan G.

Bending hurts, I have found that the hurt and shame I had coming into this was not just me, these guys have shared their bends and breaks and have helped me do the same. The truth is just the start!

Fred H.

The week is real, raw & relevant; addressing issues that have needed addressing. Has helped me rediscover my relationship with Christ and myself!

Lyle M.

Great week with a great group of guys.

Dabbs C.

Love hearing men be honest, excited to see God’s work! Loved making new friends!

Marty S.

Great week! I enjoyed meeting other men, hearing their stories and gaining an understanding of my heart.

Curt M.

The Wild Adventure does a great job of engaging men in evaluating their lives while pursuing learning the art of fly-fishing.

Chase F.

Great fun, great food, great accommodations and a deep time of looking at my heart and my life.

Mike B.

2018 Week 4

My life has been changed forever!


It’s everything they said it would be.


A spiritual cleansing week. Your one chance to hit a restart button on your life.


Be prepared to be surprised this week. You will not be prepared for all the fun and freedom you will experience.


Big Sky fellowship for the soul.


Positively inspiring. Everything I thought it could be – and more! My heartfelt advice to all: just do it!


The beauty of Creation and the brotherhood of men pointing to the glory of the Creator.


Capture an opportunity to change your life now with men who share the same opportunity and life experience. The beauty of nature and a spiritual awakening is here.

2018 Week 3

I recommend this week for any man wanting to learn the answers to some important questions for their lives and enjoy some great fly-fishing in beautiful Montana.


The five days I experienced at Smiling Moose were something I have never gotten in any other setting, retreat, or camp. It was not about giving vs. more tips & techniques for living life, but it allowed me to be still, hear what God may want to say to me, and recapture my heart for Him.

Steve Esser

I am so pissed that it took me so long to attend! I had a couple of breakthroughs that I didn’t see coming. I received some clarity on a couple of matters that I sought. This was an amazing experience. Beyond my wildest imagination.

Scott Young

This week did not disappoint... not even a little. It was so much more than I expected (and I had high expectations and hope). What God did for me this week, and for the other men, is too difficult to put into words… this is a special place, set apart, not doubt, for special things to happen… and they did!

Rob Loughery

The Wild Adventure experience is impossible to miss for any man who arrives day one and stays the course… it is an experience of authentic awareness of who you are.


A true awakening of myself, through myself. No more running from who I am and who I can be.


This week opened my eyes and my heart to the struggles men face. I can away with an appreciation of how different and how alike all men are.


The Wild Adventure was seriously the most impactful, meaningful and fun week I have been to since I was a teenager. I had been secretly hoping something like this existed plus hoping people like this existed. I am thankful I found it.

David Wilson

I didn’t realize I would have to share my story. That was hard, but so freeing in the process.

Mike L

What a privilege to hang out with great guys and just be myself! I wish every guy could be on these trips.

Craig R

Good food, good fishing in Big Sky Country. Be prepared to discover more about yourself in the company of men who will likewise be discovering more about themselves.

Chris C

2018 Week 2

Amazing and life changing week! Every aspect and dimension is beyond expectations.


The Wild Adventure reignites the flame of a man’s heart. Every man needs to invest in his life by receiving a week here.


If you have grown weary of wandering among the posers – you need a Wild Adventure.


God is at work in The Wild Adventure. Every man should experience what happens here.


A place where superficiality is left at the gate – men being real about the important matters of the heart.


Come for the fellowship, leave with your heart. The Wild Adventure – where the Madison River trout are the second best thing. Come to Montana to see what’s first!


A life-changing week, full of good fellowship and great fishing. You will NOT be disappointed!


Learn how to live free. Free in the love and of Christ. Gain strength by healing your wound and leaving it behind.


It’s hard to imagine how the combination of God’s Montana grandeur, adventures in fishing, and the honest and vulnerable community of brothers come together in an experience that transforms lives. Yet it does.


2018 Week 1

The Wild Adventure brought Christ back into my heart.

Greg Denton, Denver

An amazing gathering of guys all looking for a connection with God and answers to similar problems.

Jon Kvinsland

An amazing experience that will make you think, pray and open your heart and get better with God in God’s country.

Dan Quigley, Atlanta

A time for men to risk connecting with their heart in a safe place – to discover what is there and what is missing and to discover how much God wants to enter and make it whole.

Rob Lane

Like a clear spring released from the rocks that hold it, life flowed from sharing and fellowship into the clear light of the Son.


Wonderful time to connect with men who are in spiritual pursuit.

Robert Rosier

An opportunity for heart-felt sharing of your journey and to learn from others about theirs.

David Lane

A tremendous week of adventure, growth, and fellowship. I should have done this years ago.


Great men having “real” conversations and fellowship./span>

Steven Kirsch

Was wonderful to spend quality time with so many quality men. You are not alone.


I saw guys' hearts slowly open through the week to the possibility that God wants a relationship with them.

Ed Sweeney