Read what the guys are saying. Read exclusive and raw comments written by 2016 Wild Adventurer participants after experiencing The Wild Adventure.

2016 Quotes from Men

WEEK 9, 2016

The fellowship that I have experienced with these men the last five days has filled my cup. Knowing we all have similar wounds gives me a better understanding of myself. I know now the need for a better relationship with God.

Rick Cartier

A wake up call. A glimpse of what my life used to be and has allowed me to have hope to regain that. Not only regain that but to exceed in my personal growth. I’m back in the game!!

Art T

This week created an atmosphere where men can be men and be with God at the same time. It made me realize that the authentic experience with God is being yourself.


This week is a gift to oneself, one’s family, and one’s friends. A week to get away, unplug, reflect on life’s more important moments and next steps but also a week to encourage and be encouraged all in one of the most scenic venues in the country. Truly, a gift!

Jon Goodman

I met wonderful men and confirmed with their help that my best years are ahead.

C. Hill

The past week was a time of great combination of fishing and fellowship with a diverse, great group of guys and taking time to be reflective and introspective. It demonstrated that we are all flawed and imperfect, but also hopeful and desiring to be better and do better.


As an agnostic, I have been impressed by the faith of the others here and It has given me an interest in connecting with God.

Chuck Mather

This week was an opportunity to discover that the wounds men have ant the stories of their lives, though all different, each share something that directly relates to the wound and story of my life

William Morretti

This week has given me a direction on how I want the rest of my days to look like.

Scott Green

This week has revealed a blue print of how to become fulfilled, yet be a better man for others in my life.


This week put me back in touch with the authentic me.

Doug Pi
WEEK 8, 2016

This was time well spent and an experience worth having. I enjoyed this opportunity for a few days in a quiet place of willing surrender. I accepted the challenge to reconnect with my heart.

David Hall

Beautiful scenery, great fishing and a chance to build relationships with men you can relate to. An opportunity to slow down, think about important topics and bounce ideas off other men.

Bradley Humbles

The Wild Adventure is an opportunity that everyone needs, at least once a month, to get totally away from all noise and get re-focused on what God really wants for you. Certainly, we can do this once a year. It is a most for not letting our lives slip away without getting our priorities in order.

Harry Stakely

Thought provoking, adventurous, comraderie, great food, beautiful scenery, great friends, ability to share deepest feelings and thoughts. Program to correct my self-inflicted problems by sharing with other men my innermost feelings.

Gerald Bobrosky

A place to meet fellow men to explore ourselves to seek improvement of our relationships to others and our spouses. Catch fish on a fly-rod. Help others and self with issues not readily discussed.

Aran Dokovna

Most men do not know what they are looking for (or should be looking for) if anything. TWA helped me crystalize what it what that is important in my life and gave me the tools and knowledge to change.

Mike Naes

A safe place to turn off the noise, find your heart, and renew our mind.


The Wild Adventure is, for most men, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to just be a guy, around other guys, and to open u in a safe setting about some of our most private thoughts and visions; all within a beautiful mountain environment and the Word of Jesus Christ.

Todd Graham

This is the most genuine week I’ve experienced. Started out as 12 strangers fishing, drinks, cigars, jokes and open conversation now these guys are among my closest friends.

Kevin Cadwell

Great opportunity to connect with men and nature. A great experience! Met a terrific group of men. Fly fishing is great; even for a first-timer.

Steve Briggs
WEEK 7, 2016

I was challenged to be the man of God he has called me to be. I use to be afraid of hearing his answers to my questions. Now I know he wants the best for me and I can trust Him.


This was a great experience of seeing 12 strangers – open their life stories and hearts to one another – and to God – and see Him show up in the midst of it all and deliver insights and freedom to hearts.


A place to be yourself and discover the man made in God’s image that we are meant to be.


A great week, meeting great guys, on a great adventure. Oh yeah, with great food and great fishing


If you want your heart back, this is the place to find it.


This week has put me in touch with myself and God is critical ways that are timely and at this point in my spiritual and personal journey.


For me, this week was and adventure in taking stock in my life. It was a chance to look at where I have been where I am, and where I should be headed in my life.


It was a great week with a bunch of guys where were willing to get past the superficial. And the fishing was also good.

John Lange

I have found that there really cam be a camaraderie of men – non-posers with no agenda. Christians ( and a Jew) who are interested in healing themselves, their relations and the world.

Mark Levy

The week has been challenging, revealing, encouraging, thought-provoking, and refreshing! Besides that, I met some great friends and I learned to fly-fish!

John Newcomer
WEEK 6, 2016

I am sitting here on Saturday… these are not the same guys that arrived on Tuesday. I can’t explain adequately, but they are different, released men.


An insight into the thoughts of men, strangers at first and friends at last – “No man is alone – just reach out.”


This week has been an awesome, scary, and uplifting week. To be out in God’s wonderful creation and exploring how we can develop a meaningful relationship with Him is powerful.


This week has opened my eyes to how much I love my wife and kids. I’ve learned so much about myself and my journey through life.


Learned how to fly fish, met a bunch of incredible men from across the U.S. and most importantly, go acquainted with myself again at a deeper spiritual level. It’s been the most incredible week in the last 20 years.


The experience allows you to look into your heart and mind; to dig into the wounds and demons that keep us from being free to be ourselves, to be with God.


This week opened my eyes to what many men experience and feel, a lot of which are the same issues and it showed me that we are not alone.


Being part of something bigger than me. A fellowship of very different men seeking a common goal.


This week I have been able to see a bunch of guys my age get real with God and with each other about their struggles and fears. It gave me encouragement that I am not alone in this journey.


Validation may only come from God through his Son Jesus. However, the association with likeminded men seeking a common difficult goal is an inspirational journey.

WEEK 5, 2016

This week gave me the opportunity to tell my story without the fear of being judged.


Finding your heart and the peace of Jesus is a beautiful thing.


Stepping back. Reflections. Listening.


Great to see men open their hearts. There is nothing better in life and inspires me to keep opening my heart.


I have learned this week two important things: 1) I have not completely dealt with my wounds. 2) I need to pursue my beauty.


This week has given me a much needed time to get away from the distractions of the world and engage in real conversations with other men in one of the most beautiful setting on Earth.


Through the stories of men’s lives it is apparent that we are in a battle and this week work me up from sleepwalking through the grind of business, family, community, and church; where often the need is just to keep moving. God wants me to fight for my heart, my family’s hearts and those of my friends.


It was a privilege to be able to share my story with other men and know that it was a safe place to do it. It became more clear to me how powerful it is and healing to unveil our story with other men.


Great adventure with men fishing, in fellowship, friendship, conversation, and with gourmet food and good wine. Venue is indescribably scenic.


The week in the Madison River Valley of Montana, near where I spent many summers as a child, reawakened a sense of joy and awe at the beauty of creation. The week in the company of broken but not defeated men willing to open up and reveal their true selves and struggles in turn opened me up to revealing myself to them and to God to prepare me for battle for my soul marriage and family.


This week allowed me to separate myself from the monotonous grind that has been taking away the most important parts of my life and allowed me to focus on the questions that really matter.

WEEK 4, 2016

The Wild Adventure provides the time and space for God to draw out your deepest thoughts, desire and battles that you didn’t know existed.


A guy should come up here for the chance to disconnect from the noise that surrounds us all so that we can open our hearts and ears to God.


You will learn how to catch fish and get your life back in the process. You will also eat better than you ever have in your life.


What an amazing opportunity to share life with one another while experiencing God’s creation. Truly a special place and time to grow spiritually.


Come to The Wild Adventure for fish and fellowship with fellow broken men. Catch rainbows, let your heart be quite and share your story.


If you want to get beyond the superficial and deep dive fast in friendship with a few other men, get your names on the list for a week at Smiling Moose Lodge.

David Spence

Get space necessary to process what is really important in your life, and time to prioritize accordingly.


God is powerful and He is good. He showed both his power and his goodness this week and that has been an awesome thing to behold.

WEEK 3, 2016

An amazing week with amazingly honest men in the amazing beauty of God’s creation! Truly something that every man should have the opportunity to experience!

Mark Trewitt

Men will give up in their effort to find a place to share and to learn about the masculine journey from a truthful, honest, experiential and non-judging source. This is it! Add the rest and decompressing agenda to the week long experience and you have a dream of a week (vacation) for a man with or without friends, who will help him grow.


Don’t come to “The Wild Adventure” unless…. You love to be in spectacular settings… great food… and great connections of head and heart with great guys! If you long for these experiences this week could change your life!


I have never before had an opportunity to see God at work, not only in His creation, but through the loving hears of men I so totally respect.


Go where you have never been with ten guys you have never met. Go home with new and deep understanding of yourself; a clear direction of your life and great new friends for the rest of your life.


Powerful, refreshing and touching the deepest parts of my faith and soul.


This has been a wonderful week where I could assemble a group of my friends in one full week. Rarely get this at home. Thank you!


Say “adventure” and the image is all action and competition. Say “retreat” and the image is a snorefest with a classroom of lecture and boredom. No single phrase can capture the experience of a dozen high-quality men marinating in the Montana mountain majesty and sharing life-to-now stories that allowed a level of connection seldom, if ever, found in the rat race.


Come experience the most important week of your life. Important because it will free you from the bondage of daily life to life as you were destined to live.


The setting... sublime. The food...rich, delicious & plentiful. The fishing… GREAT! The comraderie – you get as good (or better) as you give!

WEEK 2, 2016 – Combat Veteran’s Week

Because America. Warriors need to know it was worth the fight. Freedom!


Time to be real, understood and learn.


A spiritual retreat where waters flow like the love of God. Join other combat wounded veterans on a mission to connect, regroup and continue the healing process.


An opportunity to learn a tool to provide peace.


The battle is not over, we still have to watch each other’s backs and God has called us here to do so.


If you get the chance you must take it. It will change your life to meet with other vets in a manly environment. Plus! You get to go to Montana!!


Daily life is unrelenting and the business takes control of your mind. To be with likeminded people doing or learning a new skill or hobby that allows you to focus on yourself and express issues relevant to soldiers and heal one another is priceless.


It only takes on person to make a difference in someone else’s life. Changing and helping a combat vet is a self-sustaining reaction. The “helped one” then helps another.

WEEK 1, 2016

It started slowly but finished very meaningfully. Great fishing! Great food! But most of all I enjoyed unique times with strangers who have become friends.

Shawn Wright, MD Arizona

In a few words I experienced self-awareness and commonality with other attendees.

Tim Travis

This week helped me see Jesus as a real man which allows for a personal relationship.

John McRoskey

I was amazed at how quickly strangers from diverse backgrounds become real and authentic with one another.

Jim Mohns

This has been a time to clean the old rusted rifle of my life, reload, and re-engage in the battle of my life….ENEMY BEWARE!


This week has been the beginning of a journey long needed and much anticipated.


God showed up and cemented a bond with and in the guys on this trip that won’t be broken.

Kevin Olsen

Every man desires freedom; freedom to be the man he was created to be; free to express his heart; free to be used. The Wild Adventure won’t guarantee it, but increases the likelihood. The transparency, camaraderie and drop of any pretense was so refreshing in a world of masks. It was a privilege to experience this week; a real adventure

David Thompson