Read what the guys are saying. Read exclusive and raw comments written by 2011 Wild Adventurer participants after experiencing The Wild Adventure.

2011 Quotes from Stupendous Streamer Strip

I didn’t get what I paid for… I thought I’d be refreshed & energized… I thought I’d be “fixed.” I found I have a story… every man has a story… All told, I believe this is priceless.

Craig, Longmont, Colorado

Did you know men have hearts? Do you have the courage to find out what that really means? Do you have deep “wounds” in your life you want to get out? Come on, be a man and find out! What do you have to lose?

Randall Goleta, California

No holds barred, straight-talking time to deal with the real scars of life.

J. Dave, Winona Lake, Indiana

The best 96 hours of my 84 year life!

Ted, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Life, liberty and the pursuit of adventure meet you in Montana in a unique way.

Frank-Paul, Dallas, Texas

If you believe you are a man, a husband, a father or a son… Be afraid, you have a lot to learn! Here you can see your true self...

Dave, San Diego, California

This is a week when you can walk into the woods with majestic mountains in your view, take off your mask for one moment or two, and openly discuss the “biggest issues” of your life.

Dan San Diego, California

This week has taught me what a broken world we live in and how important & critical a relationship with Christ is… This week has been wonderful! Jan and Ken are the best!

Steve, Greenwood Village, Colorado

It’s great to be with other men who desire to recover their hearts.

Byron, Santa Barbara, California