Read what the guys are saying. Read exclusive and raw comments written by 2015 Wild Adventurer participants after experiencing The Wild Adventure.

2015 - What Guys are Saying

WEEK 7, 2015

A pastor, an entrepreneur, an ex-NFL linebacker… all broken by wounds of a father… all come together to experience a deep letting of their innermost soul. Friendships forged that can only remind you of the 12 apostles… the wisdom and tools you receive are not found anywhere else

Luke B

A comfortable warm place where you are open to go deeper with men than ever before. To experience the honest truth of what men around you are going to hear the good and bad like never before. Not to forget the amazing meals, views, and fishing as well.

Bo V.

This week I discovered I am a workaholic at the expense of my wife and boys. I plan to change this pattern and rescue my wife’s heart in the process.

Zack M

God is the exceeder of expectations. This week resonates with that statement. I couldn’t have asked or been blessed with a better time connecting with new and old friends and being filled with true, big love. Oh… and the fishing was brilliant!

Joshua H

Being at the ranch, engaging adventure and sharing it with other men allowed for walls to come down and hearts free to be vulnerable and healed.


My time at the Smiling Moose Lodge was a tremendous week of pursuing life and adventure the way we were created to… with a group of men living in the struggle but desiring to live life to the full!

Pat F

I saw a new brotherhood formed in front of my eyes. A group of warriors that would have each other’s backs. A lot of pain was shared and a lot of healing took place… it was beautiful.


Incredible! How rare it is to set a claim to unplug and have an opportunity to dialogue with other men also living life to the fullest.


This has been one of the most foundational weeks of my life. To be affirmed as a man has enabled me to love and lead my family and engage in the battle with my King!


A fantastic week of adventure in the soul and on the water. The time to get away and learn about yourself is the best investment a man can make a better husband, father and man

Jon W
WEEK 6, 2015

I received a clear understanding of the man God wants me to be.


I intended for my brother and I to go fly fishing in beautiful Montana. We did that here. We met new people (guests & guides) all of them are great. We also got our eyes opened to what is really important in life.


Thanks for allowing me to break out of the routine of my ordinary life and see that there truly is an adventure to live which is far better and more fulfilling than anything I could ever imagine. I’m ready now to step out and take some big risks.


I was looking for an adventure – and I found one! I felt that I needed a few days to learn about other men, their trials and challenges, and to get started on a desire to learn how to fly fish. A truly amazing experience.


The week at Wild Adventure was fantastic. A chance to get away from everyday life and gain some perspective on my life by being in the wild, learning to fly fish, and meeting and making new friends.


It’s easy to get lost in the forest of life. TWA guided me back on to the path thru fishing, taking time out in nature and sharing experiences with other men. Thank you.


If you are wondering where you are in your life – if you are struggling…. This was the greatest adventure I’ve been on this far in my life. It has opened by eyes to a whole new world.


Best instruction on fly casting and fishing I have received. It moved my skills tremendously even though I have fished all my life. Also, liked the real connection with other men.


This was a great week in every way. I want to come back. I want to bring friends. I want to help serve others at this or other events like TWA.


Smiling Moose Lodge affords a 'life-on-pause' experience… a rare opportunity in a high-pressure world to stop and examine how life is working. It was a genius idea.

WEEK 5, 2015

Wow. Going into this adventure I had my doubts, anxieties, reasons not to go. Man, am I glad that I went against my instinct and had an adventure with Jan and a group of men. Life-changing in the fullest sense.


In a place of quite beauty, an opportunity to discuss man’s purpose, and therefore mine, the challenges and obstacles that we confront, and the strategies to achieve our God given potential while sharing our stories, eating well and fishing for trout!!


In the rugged mountains of Montana, this week was an incredible journey and adventure to my soul.


This week was a rare and valuable opportunity for me to understand and explore God’s true meaning for me.


A week of personal refreshment and growth in a gorgeous setting hearing what it means to find your real stuff.


The perfect combination of being outdoors, excellent food and accommodations and a wonderful and important journey towards answering The Question.


As a man of deep faith, prayer had become stale. I found this place to enlighten my soul and allow me to truly listen.


A week of expressing my spirituality and confirming my beliefs.


I am starting to figure out fly fishing!

WEEK 4, 2015

A great opportunity to explore God’s creation thru fly fishing and man’s (my) heart thru reflection with other men.


Great fishing! Great food! Helped me get back on track with God and family. Leaders were excellent. Kept thing focused. Provided good life lessons and examples. Lodge and ranch was beautiful and well kept.


Great people, great fishing, great experience!!!


Now I understand the phrase 'Big Sky' and the fascination with fly fishing.


A wonderful spiritual experience. Every detail at the Smiling Moose Lodge is first class. I cannot wait to return!


A wonderful spiritual experience. Every detail at the Smiling Moose Lodge is first class. I cannot wait to return!


Through the Wild at Heart experience I have been encouraged to live a more authentic life and have been equipped to do so.


This isn't about unplugging and recharging… this is about finding your heart and reviving it so that you can be and become the man you were meant to be.


This week affirmed my masculine self, and I went away walking taller, stronger and fulfilled.


The perfect cowboy setting. Astounding views. Great food. Class act. New friendships. By the way… you catch fish.

WEEK 3, 2015

I had every reason in the world not to come to TWA this week, but by attending, none of them were good enough. This was one of the most impactful weeks of my life in many ways. One I hope to share with others in coming years.

Greg from CA

This was another greatest week of my life. Great friends, great food, great fishing, but more importantly, I had time to pray, think and talk about the really big questions.

Rick from MI

This adventure is an amazing way for any man to identify the wounds all men have and the fellowship with Godly men, learn about their stories and together seek a more intimate relationship with God!


It's hard to find transparency and authenticity in this life relationships, work, church… this is a place where you will find these. You get to see past the front that the rest of the world sees. Come on this trip if you want to run with lions.


A trip very much needed at this time for spiritual guidance, fellowship, and meeting Christian men going through similar things.


How good was the fishing? As good as it gets! However, as priorities go it came in third in my tanking of what was spectacular.


You will have only one chance to experience something like this in your life. Do it!


Attending The Wild Adventure allowed me to experience the wild of God’s creation and the wild of a man’s heart. Hearing and learning from other men was a great adventure.


Attending The Wild Adventure allowed me to experience the wild of God’s creation and the wild of a man’s heart. Hearing and learning from other men was a great adventure.


You know, you never really ever know someone until you hear their story. To get to really know the guys on the trip was the highlight for me.


Nothing better than getting away for a week and spending time with men that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Hearing their stories and connecting with them through fishing and God has made this week the best week of my life so far.


An amazing experience, shared on the deepest level with men I hope to call my friends for years to come.

WEEK 2, 2015

New experiences. New friendships. New understandings. New beginnings. Greater love for an amazing God who created me and those I love.

Carl C

Fantastic fly fishing, food and fellowship in the greatest setting on God’s Earth. Deep, meaningful conversations that touched my heart and brought me insight into my life from complete strangers who are now my brothers in adventure.

Rett R

A great fellowship with men seeking a closer relationship to God, to their manhood and to each other.


An opportunity to have serious discussions with others seeking answers.


This week was a catapult for a man to experience an amazing adventure that is full of everyday experiences, conversations, laughter and fun. Every man needs this week, whether they realize it or not!

Ryan A

Refreshing, fun, inspiring time enjoying creation and hearing others’ stories in an authentic, affirming way.

Dan W

This week was a brilliant time with great men; men who are fully alive. Amazing fishing, excellent food and wine, and great clarity for my life.

Stephen C

It was a great week to get to know God and men better in a non-threating, no pressure authentic environment. Every man should experience The Wild Adventure.

Bruce O

Outstanding fly fishing guides who are patient and gracious teachers. Unbelievable delicious food. A time away to get to know some great men…including yourself.


A great time of challenge, reflection, cleansing and brotherhood. A chance to be honest with myself about the condition of my life.


A rare, impossible-to-fully-describe, inspiring and energizing walk in a very beautiful river with extraordinary men. Not for the faint of heart, but not really many men are faint of heart.

Hugh Hewitt
WEEK 1, 2015

Bible-thumpers and posers-in-Christ stay home! This is the real deal. I came expecting a good fishing trip and some self-righteous conversation. Instead, I met a group of “average” guys with big hearts and an aversion to bullshit. I discovered that I am on the side-lines of an epic battle. An answer to this call to arms just might save my life.

Bill B

Great fellowship with true & honest men… Strike that… WARRIORS!!! Digging deep to confront fear and conflict…and to learn the proper fly fishing technique.


I approached the week with trepidation and came away better equipped to face the battles every man faces. Home improvement for the soul.

Rick H

I appreciate that this is not a typical “men’s retreat”. This is a place where we can be real with each other and honest with ourselves.

John C

What a week! Come for the best fly fishing experience you might ever have, and stay for the great conversations you'll have with ten of your new best friends!

Kent S

Absolutely exceeded all expectations! I was looking to relearn fun & did with a bonus of great fellowship.


You can't lose. World-class food, the most beautiful country you will ever experience, the best fishing I've ever experienced. I’ve met some great new friends, seen their hears, and exposed mine. A life changer.


A time to search for our true meaning that surpassed my expectation. I feel I have formed new, strong and deep relationships with other men.

Tom J

In my heart I believe God brought me here to restore purpose in going forward in the retirement years of my life.