Read what the guys are saying. Read exclusive and raw comments written by 2020 Wild Adventurer participants after experiencing The Wild Adventure.

2020 Quotes from Men

2020 Week 4

A dramatic striking of the pause button of the story of your life. In that moment – you find breath, life and hope!

Neil M

A true adventure for you body and soul.

Derrick S

Being a real man is absolutely imperative… and being a real man doesn't mean you're a "nice guy".

Todd S

Self discovered enlightenment.


IT WAS A FRIGGIN' BLAST!! Bringing my friend Chris here was tremendous!

Bill C

Watching men find liberation.

Dale C

Connections through honesty and self-revealing.

Ross F

2020 Week 3

A great time to unwind and re-plug into the Kings! Not to mention, meet a great group of men who each made an impact on me.


A real place to rediscover the real you, without technology and multi-tasking.


A phenomenal experience, which combines adventure and soul searching in a no judgment atmosphere.


The Wild Adventure challenges me to be more of the man that God intended me to be. The insights into what being a man is has excited me to begin a new journey into manhood.


The Wild Adventure provided the framework in terms of structure, location and content for me to stop a second and to look into the mirror with focus on my soul – my own deepest questions.


Great comradely, great guys, perfect venue.


This is the best fishing trip that is not about just fishing.


2020 Week 2

The Wild Adventure will help you to find and/or feel your "heart of flesh" so that you may be the very best expression of love to yourself and all those around you. It is a "heart changer"!


A great week to let go of distractions and outside influences with deep, authentic fellowship.


This is an incredible opportunity to reflect on and focus your life. This week changes lives!


Take a few days out of your busy life to fish, Eat and enjoy the vast beauty of Montana. Rediscover who you are, who God is and better your life and relationships.


Life is short, but being wild should be eternal.


Explore the lost part of yourself. Find yourself in and adventure.


A great change for men to recapture their soul.


2020 Week 1

This trip gave me the opportunity to spend a week with great men and to prioritize what is most important in life. And great fishing too!

Patrick B

What a great "The Wild Adventure". I had a great time and wonderful interaction with men from all over the place and very different backgrounds. What a great opportunity to heal. I highly recommend "The Wild Adventure".

Dickie S

A wonderfully masculine & challenging week with other men seeking to find the best for themselves and others they love.

Barry C

The Wild Adventure was the most powerful experience of my life! Never in a million years would I believe that I could learn that much about myself and how powerful my relationship with God could be. Truly a life-altering impact.

Jimmy O

This has been a great insight on how to move closer to God on my journey. Adventurous in spirit and refreshing in honesty. Great fishing wonderful food and incredible companionship.


A week getting to learn from and about other men where world class fly fishing doesn't crack the top 10 best things you will learn or experience.

Levi L

The Wild Adventure has been an excellent experience with exceptional gentlemen. The experience is like nothing I have ever done and has given me direction and purpose that I felt I had lost.

Cory S