Read what the guys are saying. Read exclusive and raw comments written by 2019 Wild Adventurer participants after experiencing The Wild Adventure.

2019 Quotes from Men

2019 Week 4YG

To explore a deeper meaning in life. To bring value to your life, and everyone around you.


"If you are comfortable (at home) you are not growing." For growing men looking to succeed in their story.


Personal growth.


This adventure has been a powerful & life changing - both for myself & my spirit and those I will encounter in life.


Experience the weight of honesty and the relief of the truth.


Why come on this trip? The ultimate in relaxation and preparation for continuing life (your story).


To find peace in quietness. Get back to your real-self through God's greatness.


Learning you're not in this life alone. Guys have gone through it "big", too.


Hearing a man's story is the most powerful experience in my life.


2019 Week 3YG

Find your heart as a man. Find out who God created you to be.

Adam S.

A perfect amount of time to regroup, refine and redifine (who you are and where you are going).

Kai L.

Spending several days in the beauty that is Antelope Basin with men who will become your brothers, and the chance to break away from the noise of life to listen to God is a truly incredible, life changing experience not to be missed.

Joe S.

Change is inevitable; why not choose your destiny. Food, fishing, guns.

Vince H.

Find yourself and God in the wilderness.

Joe M.

If you like fishing, friendship, fellowship, maybe the occasional cold beer or good cigar... then the Young Guns trip is for you.

Watson T.

You'll be surprised!

Justin P.

An adventure and a restart.

Phil O.

Love, laughter, and adventure! Step outside of what's comfortable and laugh.

Kofi H.

2019 Week 3

Beyond my wildest dreams!

Kenneth M.

This week has opened my understanding of things that have happened and how they have shaped by path so far.

Doug M.

This was a phenomenal experience to meet eleven strangers and over the course of five days to grow so close that I felt that I knew them since childhood.

Henry S.

Imagine being able to live in a different body for a few days. As if you see the world through their eyes and thoughts. Then at the end of those few days you climb back into your own body armed with the wisdom and experience of eleven other men.

Danny B.

The supportive staff and compassionate and loving men in attendance enabled me to expose my deepest hurts – openly surrendering them to God.

Craig G.

It meant so much more than fishing in a beautiful place. You'll get: new experiences, challenges, friends, people to pray for, new recipes.

Matt K.

A great time of fellowship with my brother and building our relationship going forward.

Jim B.

This week allowed me to reflect on my life, look for areas of my life where I am lacking, and be uplifted by the guys I just met.

Jack P.

Great rivers & lakes, Great fishing, Great relationships, Great lodge & camping
However, the greatest value is the stirring material & conversations that stir lives that have become complacent.

Bill J.

2019 Week 2

The Wild Adventure brought me 6000 feet closer to God!


If you want to learn to fish - GO! The rest is more important but the fishing is enough.

Joe G.

An awesome time and place to be genuine with other men and develop authentic relationships. Much needed time and space to feed the spirit and walk closer to God.

Howard H.

An environment where men from different walks of life come together with a common belief; great things happen that are life changing.

Richard U.

My expectations were high and I wasn't disappointed. It was the ultimate men's getaway. What I leaned about fly fishing and myself will be with me for the rest of my life!

Dave G.

Spiritual healing and growth while trout fishing in one of the most pristine areas of the world. Meals prepared by master Chef Logan fuel you on your journey into the soul and the vast Montana wilderness. Reaffirmation of the importance of the male bond creating a fellowship to last a lifetime led by prior participants George and Andy.

Bryce D.

I made 11 new friends and learned how to listen for God's voice. How can you beat that?

Steve R.

What a special way to recharge the batteries. God meets you here in the majesty of his creation using like minded men.

Gregg K.

An amazing week with extraordinary men learning from each other on what real masculinity is.

Richard G.
2019 Week 1

The time spent here at TWA is one of the far too rare moments in life where one can experience God in all His majesty with brothers fighting to walk with Him!


The Wild Adventure helped me get my heart back and it has been a HUGE gift to be able to introduce my friends to such a magical and amazing place. Thanks!


This week is hands down one of the best things you can do for your heart, your marriage, your family and your career.


I have been on a lot of men's retreat and this not other retreat where I get to communicate and experience God so easily!


The Wild Adventure is in the perfect place – the setting is perfect and the landscape is spectacular. It is the perfect environment for me to look inside, share their lives with each other and affirm how much Jesus is wildly crazy about all of us.


A time: to unplug & plug in; to know & be known; to experience God in nature & other men.


An unprecedented mix of abundant fish, undisturbed nature, fine dining and open air urinating. I can't wait to come back!


An absolute necessity for a man's life. You will find your heart. You will find your purpose. You will get back the adventure in life you've always craved, but may have lost. God will talk to you.